Chicago Sun-Times: “John Fullbright comes of age”

Many thanks to Thomas Conner of the Chicago Sun-Times for this great review of John’s first show at SXSW:

Fullbright’s SXSW showcase — the first of eight gigs he has here this week — was as perfect as if it were a Jonathan Demme concert film…

Fullbright synthesizes the best songcraft from his home state — Webb, Leon Russell and, by default, Merle Haggard. Just in his 20s, he mournfully considers how “all my life I’ve tested truth / but truth’s not always sound.” … He’s got a tune called “Forgotten Flower,” a thoughtful country lament, that Tom Waits and Randy Newman could fight over.

The last three songs were plunked out on an upright piano, swinging from his own slow ballad “Nowhere to Be Found” to the dancing blues of “Ain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do.” The versatility was natural, authentic, untrained. Webb’s oft-repeated endorsement predicts “that in a very short time John Fullbright will be a household name in American music.” It may not be hyperbole.

There are still plenty of chances to see John at SXSW.  Come out!