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NPR World Cafe, Dec. 18

John recently taped an appearance for NPR’s World Cafe, that will air in most markets on Tuesday, Dec. 18. The show will run in most markets in its standard Tuesday time slot, but listeners are advised to consult their local listings for confirmation of the air date and time.

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WCPN: Around Noon

John hearts NPR!

John appeared on “Around Noon” with Dee Perry on Cleveland’s WCPN radio last August. She recently cited that interview as one of her favorites of 2012, and it reminded us to share it with our friends! This is really a great show; go check out the webcam video of the interview on the Around Noon

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The Art of the Song

John with John Dillon and Vivian Nesbitt

John had a great time talking with the folks from Art of the Song, creativity radio from Albuquerque. We’ll post air dates and streaming audio links when they’re available. In the meantime, here are some pictures of John with Vivian Nesbitt and John Dillon, co-hosts and co-executive producers of the show.

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