John on “A Prairie Home Companion”

It’s been an amazing weekend in Fullbright land. John and Buffalo* had a great time in St. Paul with the Prairie Home Companion folks, and it’s been wonderful hearing from all of John’s new fans.

For anyone who missed the broadcast, or just wants to hear it again, the show is archived on the Prairie Home Companion website, and the archive includes streaming audio of the whole show, videos from the show, the scripts from the show, and information about all of the guest performers.

Lucy and Schroeder and John
John channels his inner Schroeder in Landmark Plaza in St. Paul. Photo courtesy Terry Ware.

*And for the record, while Terry “Buffalo” Ware most definitely is bigger than life, he is NOT nine feet tall, and he bears little resemblance to… well. You know.

John and Terry onstage together in OKC
John and Terry onstage together in OKC last month