Wrap up: John on The Late Show

John and the band — Terry “Buffalo” Ware (guitar), David Leach (bass), Mike Meadows (drums) and Daniel Walker (organ) — had a great time in the Big Apple, taping their August 28 appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman. Here’s some video and a few photos from the day:

On the air:

What happens in the dressing room, stays in the dressing room:

Slideshow gallery:

Onscreen guide: "John Fullbright performs."Reminder graphicThe Late Show tweets!John at load-in.Terry Ware's TelecasterDressing room door.John and Buffalo at sound check.John and Mike Meadows waiting backstage.Rupert at Hello Deli with the band. Rupert is wearing an Oklahoma T-shirtThe band talking during rehearsal.David Leach tuning up.And our good friend Daniel Walker was there, too! So glad!Mike Meadows.The band performing.John and Terry WareJohn and David LeachThe view at home.The big finale.Letterman shaking John's hand.Letterman shaking Buffalo's hand.That's all! Good night!John backstage after the show.John on the street with the Letterman Show sign behind him.