eTown Broadcast

eTown 2013

In July, John played a live show at the eTown studio, eTown Hall, in Boulder, Colorado. That show is being broadcast on eTown Radio this week, Sept. 18–24, and will be available on 300+ radio stations around the world, via streaming audio on the eTown website (registration required), and also by podcast and via the free eTown iPhone app.

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“At 25, he’s literally the most talked about young singer/songwriter in music right now. And with good reason. He certainly blows me away. I haven’t seen anyone with that kind of compelling stage presence in a very long time (you know me, I’ve seen and heard so many talented musicians over the years, and I’m not one who’s easily impressed; in this case, he had me the moment he began his first song on the show, ‘Gawd Above,’ which is killer). You’ve gotta hear him.”Helen Forster, eTown