Music Fog: Gawd Above

Music Fog released one of their great videos in honor of the release of From the Ground Up. Many thanks to Jessie Scott and the whole Music Fog crew for all of their great work in support of indie music!

This is John doing “Gawd Above” at the Music Fog Marathon at Threadgills WHQ in March.

Music Fog has been lucky to have followed John for the last three years, the first time we taped him was at Folk Alliance 2009. I had already heard his name whispered by some mighty talented and well respected elders. When Jimmy LaFave brought him to our bus, I couldn’t wait to hear him. He didn’t have much time to be with us; I think it was only with us for two songs and then he had to race off to make it his next commitment. We all looked at each other when he left. Whoa, cool.