Lyrics: Song For A Child

Song For A Child

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(for the girls)
Who’s that little face in the mirror
With eyes so big and wide and shining blue?
And with a little smile to see you clearer
I see all the pretty things in you
I am here to answer all your questions
You’ll question every answer that you see
But I will tell you without hesitation
When you ask what you’ll grow up to be

Little girls grow up to be their mommas
That makes daddies love them even more
But today you’ve got to make a promise
You’ll be momma’s child forevermore.

(for the boys)
Look up to the sky before your dreaming
Before the moon kisses you goodnight
Gaze up to the stars so brightly gleaming
Pick out one to be your guiding light
‘Cause when you have a light that shines beside you
You know you will never be alone
I’ll be here awhile so I can guide you
When you ask what you will be when
You are all full grown…

Little boys grow up to be their daddies
That makes mamas love them even more
And even though the world may treat you badly
You’ll be daddy’s child forevermore
You’ll remain a child forevermore.