Lyrics: Fat Man

Fat Man

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In my dreams I see a fat man
On his face is a frown
He’s got money in his left hand
In his right he’s got strings that run
All over town
As he pulls on them tightly he chokes all that grows
He keeps watch day and nightly and plucks life
Like a rose.

In my dreams I see the young men
That will change history
They will die for the fat man
As he laughs so carelessly
In his laughter I hear the sorrow
From the pain that it brings
I hear mothers weeping softly
Wrapped up tightly
In his strings.

Cut the strings from his fingers
Wrap them twice around his throat
Show him not your kind mercy
From the laws that he forgot he wrote
Let us know of that which binds us
That which steals all that grows
That which kills what defines us
To be plucked
Like a rose.