Lyrics: Nowhere To Be Found

Nowhere To Be Found

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Shadows linger, evenings fade
To where all days are bound;
Nighttime falls on plans I’ve made
Now they’re nowhere to be found.

Why I’m leaving I can’t say,
I search the whole world round
Looking for a brighter day
That is nowhere to be found.

All my life I’ve tested truth
But truth’s not always sound,
I’ve made a fool of me and you
Now you’re nowhere to be found.

A man that cries is seldom weak
His heart’s become unbound;
A man that can’t find words to speak
Is nowhere to be found.

So I’d say I’m sorry but that won’t do
The future’s come unwound;
Words I should have said to you
Are nowhere to be found

I threw away a chance like you
Now you’re nowhere to be found.