Lyrics: New Arrival

New Arrival

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I never memorized your name, I guess I didn’t think I had to
Until you came to me with a baby in your hands
Said he’s got my smile, got my sense of humor
And I put my finger in his little hand

Oh cold cold cold the bitter cold
Warm warm warm little baby

We talked it over, we grew older
On my shoulder you lay your head
I said I could love you or I could rise above you
I could take the lonely road instead

Oh love love love for a family
Cry Cry Cry alone

To live is frightening, it’s fast as lightning
You never see it till it’s not there
Love stays secluded and often disputed
She flies in circles way up in the air

Oh live live live for the child
Die Die Die for yourself

Its only natural to love a baby
Into this world we gave a son
And someday soon he’ll grow to be me
But he’ll know love until it comes

Oh grow grow grow into something
I’ll fade fade fade away…