Lyrics: Never Cry Again

Never Cry Again

Your eyes are still as blue as I remember
You still think my jokes are out of line
It’s been so long since we’ve been walking
Has it really been that long a time?
There were days I knew we’d be together
But there were nights I knew I’d be alone
I’m glad you took the time to remember
You still had my number in your phone

Take my hand so we don’t get lost
I spent the coin I used to toss
And never knew what luck would cost
Until I bet it in the end
Never claimed to soar so high
That I forgot that I could fly
If you never knew what never was
You’d never cry again

The world is mostly made of oceans
And I planned to sail across them all
I built a ship that I could cling to
I guess I made that boat too small
But once and for always please remember
That pieces of me are still with you
Memories fade like dying embers
Dreams are just dreams till they come true

Take my hand so we don’t get lost