Once in a lifetime

is what it was. is what it felt like. even if most of it felt like a weird dream I couldnt quite get back completely. I have a lot to say about it but I wont. not just now. not for reverence’s sake but because it’s going to take me awhile to figure out what the hell it even is and why the hell I was there to see it. I say this in deepest respect and deeper ignorance and curiosity.

driving down whatever boulevard that got us to the airport and nursing a hangover I thought out loud to the rest of the car, “this has all really been a lot of fun, but this might be as far from writing a song as you can get.” As we all reverse migrated back to the dust bowl I found myself so tired I fooled myself into some sort of enlightenment for a brief three hours or so. imagine that.

I’m home now. back to the woods and the piano and the cows that, especially at this time of year, cry in defiance for food even at midnight (if they think you’re up). I made a beef stew to combat the weather and found it curious for the first time in my life that I could eat a cow and look at one at the same time.

the love and respect and love and love that we’ve been shown in the past few months…
..well it turns all your bad feelings into good feelings.
I only hope I can repay it.

Some folks get more than they deserve. Most folks dont get half of what they want. I have lived a charmed year. The one thing I know I’ve learned is Goddamnit if we dont have each other.


[originally posted on Facebook, 13 Feb 2013]

With Bonnie Raitt at the Troubadour on Saturday
Photo courtesy Wes Sharon